Purchase a 5 Class Prenatal Pass

Description of Operations and Guidelines:
Yoga Learning Center and Vitality Yoga & Wellness is providing classes for Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing Techniques), Meditation, Zumba, physical exercises, Workshops, and misc. events related to the above.
The classes may be video recorded or photographs taken during the classes for the purpose of but not limited to publicity, illustration, advertisement, web content and social media.

1. That the Staff of Yoga Learning Center and Vitality Yoga & Wellness has advised me that I should consult a licensed physician in order determine the suitability and seek approval prior to the commencement of the above activities by me. I was advised that participation in the above activities could involve some physical injury, if not done properly.

2. That I have consulted my own physician prior to participation in any of the above activities.

3. I hereby waive and release the staff and principals of Yoga Learning Center and Vitality Yoga & Wellness, from liability for any injury, cost, damage, expense, or claim as a result of my participation. I understand that there shall be no royalties or compensation or payments to me for the photographs and video recordings as described in the description of operations and guidelines.

4. No refunds will be provided for missed classes.

I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.