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Vitality Yoga
& Wellness

A family studio

Vitality’s journey began in 2019 when our family decided to start a Yoga Learning Center for people in the neighborhood to experience the health benefits of a consistent Yoga practice. Mohan found a place in West New York, NJ and we started working on turning the place into a warm, welcoming and peaceful Yoga studio. Since then Megha and Anagha have offered a variety of classes along with some wonderful teachers for nearly three years and have had over 300 happy clients so far. 

In 2022, they moved away from West New York and in the beginning of 2023, Vitality started offering classes at Anagha’s home studio in Livingston. 

At Vitality Yoga & Wellness, we are dedicated to teaching the ancient practice of Yoga in all its authenticity. We believe that yoga is for all and that everyone should reap the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of this wonderful ancient science.

We teach yogasana and breathing techniques classes and also lead guided meditations. We offer a variety of classes for beginner and intermediate levels. Private one-on-one sessions are also offered. 

Megha Joshi

The founder of Vitality Yoga & Wellness Center, Megha has been practicing yoga for the past 40 years. She is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 500) and has conducted numerous yoga classes in many locations.

Anagha Joshi

Anagha Joshi

A RYT200 certified instructor and RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher), Anagha deeply regards yoga practice as energizing, stress-relieving and healing.


Mohan Joshi

Mohan is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 500) and practices yoga regularly. He firmly believes in the strong potential of yoga practices to heal the body.
Vitality Yoga & Wellness